Updates to the Original Snuggly™

Updates to the Original Snuggly™

The last few months have been tough.A lot of you have been very patient with us, especially with shipping. Thank you so much!

We have got to know some of you personally, and your stories and interactions make us happy and helps us strive to be better.

While shipping to Australia and New Zealand is getting better, Canada and USA are still having several delays.

We have also taken all your feedback and made some major improvements to the Snuggly™. The new Snugglys will start shipping June 17th. All orders placed from today will be the new Snuggly™. Some of the changes here below

1️⃣ We have increased the width by about 20 %, the previous width was 78 cms and the new width is 99 cms.

Snuggly Size

2️⃣ We had mixed feedback on the quality. So we have changed the polyester Sherpa wool to cotton Sherpa wool. Cotton is much softer than polyester, and we are hoping that you would like the new feel and comfort.

3️⃣ The increased wool and quality also means that the weight has increased from 800/850 gms to 1300 gms.

4️⃣ New colors - blue, purple, yellow, red (apart from wine red).

Red Color Hoodie

5️⃣ Better packaging - The quality of packing, has to be the number one complaint. We have changed the warehouse and shipping merchant. We are going to air vacuum each Snuggly™ and then pack it up in a better packaging, with some care instructions and support email while

6️⃣ Price increase - The change in weight by 60% also means that the shipping price goes up. We have increased the price by about $USD 7.00, to cover additional shipping. As a promotional offer, the costs to cover the additional material and changes will not be included till July 17th, 2020. Based on how the market conditions are then we may or may not, increase the price.

7️⃣ Models - Some feedback was on the models that were used to showcase Snuggly™. Since we were just starting out, this was outsourced to an agency who did the work for us.

Keeping that in mind, we have decided to select three wonderful, who will get one free Snuggly of their choice. We would need good pictures, videos and the permission to use your picture on our website, Facebook, Instagram etc. Drop us a message, via our page. Last date is August 1st, 2020.

Phew! that was long. Let us know if you have any questions.

Email 📧 id for any issues is: support@snugglyofficial.com

Lots of love,
Team Snuggly!

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