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The Snuggly Albree

The Snuggly Albree

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Looking for a way to keep cool? Look no further than the Snuggly Albree!


This amazing device is perfect for keeping you cool and collected during hot days. Whether you're out for a walk, working outdoors, or just feeling a bit overheated, the Snuggly Albree will help you stay comfortable. Plus, with it's innovative design, it is guaranteed to give you the best cooling experience possible




So don't wait any longer - get your very own Snuggly Albree today!

  • Only 135gms - Cool down wherever you go with this very stylish portable fan.  Tuck it into your bag and stay cool all day long.
  • 3 SPEEDS FOR ANY TASTE - Whether you're looking to cool down or just get some relief from the humidity, the three speeds have got you covered
  • Save power, at home as well when you need the ceiling fan if only you are warm
  • USB charging -  No more replacing batteries, comes with USB charging, charge last for more than 5 hours based on usage

For a very limited time get a free Silver Sterling Necklace


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About Us


Friends Erika & Laura created Snuggly™ because they love 2 things. Being comfortable and being warm.

They were always wearing their favourite hoodies, but also had to wrap up in a blanket to keep warm at home. 

Having trawled the internet to look for something they couldn't find one.  So after months of hard work, many hours of tears and tons of concept ideas, they finally came up with the Snuggly™. 

"We want you and your whole family to get the coziest most comfortable oversized blanket experience ever."

The Snuggly™, has received a lot of love. In 2022, a new jewelry line was added for family members to show their love. 

If you have absolutely any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email We would love to hear from you.