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It Is A Blessing - The Three Generations Necklace

It Is A Blessing - The Three Generations Necklace

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This letter, from Hannah summarizes the love that crosses multiple generations, the memories and the sweet moments.

Sending in this letter, to thank you and your store.

My Grammy, my Mom, me and my sisters used to sit around the kitchen table and talk for hours. It was a beautiful day outside, but we were all inside, Grammy recounted her days as a young woman, and told us all these stories.

Grandma was always so special to me. She was the one person who I could always count on no matter what. When I was younger, she would tell me stories about her own grandmother and the adventures they would go on together. I loved hearing those stories and imagining myself in their place. Now that I have my own daughter, I get to share those same stories with her. It's so special to be able to pass down those traditions and memories from generation to generation. Grammy passed away a few weeks ago, the last time we around the kitchen table Grammy opened her secret draw and gave us these Generation necklaces.

Thought of sharing this story of love with you, this was our picture before the pandemic


This necklace is made with a lot of love and care. Hand assembled. This silver plated necklace, come with three distinct  18 mm, 12 mm and 10 mm rings to represent different generations.


Due to High Demand, please allow 2-4 working days to process your order and 6 - 12 working days for  actual shipping time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

💗【Material】Made of s925 silver, the chain is 30 cms long making it durable and elegant.

Much love always.

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They were always wearing their favourite hoodies, but also had to wrap up in a blanket to keep warm at home. 

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The Snuggly™, has received a lot of love. In 2022, a new jewelry line was added for family members to show their love. 

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